Webcam Cover Macbook

Webcam Cover Macbook: what is your best choice?

Apple’s Macbook is a beautiful and powerful device that deserves nothing less than a decent webcam cover to match its smooth design. However, most webcam covers are not suitable for the Macbook. Why not? Because Apple focuses on both the design and portability of their Macbooks. Therefore, a webcam cover for Macbooks needs to be thin enough so that it can close all the way. The Spyslide Webcam Cover is designed to match perfectly with Apple’s Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.

Is a webcam cover necessary for a Macbook?

The Macbook has a built in LED light that lights up when your webcam is activated when using Facetime or Skype. Apple calls it the iSight. However, multiple sources mention the flaws within the security system of this LED Light. Does it really light up when someone is hacking into my Macbook?

In 2015 a woman using a Macbook had her nude pictures hacked while her iSight LED Light had never shown any sign of activity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to cover your Macbook with a webcam cover so that no one has access to your Macbook’s webcam. Moreover, a webcam cover adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your Macbook that a post-it can never provide.

Where can I buy a Webcam Cover Macbook?

There are only a few webcam covers out there that are thinner than 0.7mm / 0.0023 inches to fit the Macbook. If the webcam cover is any thicker, your Macbook might not close. Are you looking for a webcam cover for your Macbook? Then have a look at our Spyslide Webcam Cover here.

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