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Spy-Fy creates premium products to use today's technology, without having to sacrifice privacy.

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Customize your privacy

Privacy awareness with your brand

Elevate your brand's privacy awareness with our customizable privacy gear made for every occasion. Demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding your clients' and employees' digital privacy by providing them with premium privacy products branded with your logo.

  • Privacy kits
  • Webcam Covers
  • USB Dta Blockers
  • Card Holders/Wallets with RFID Protection
  • And much more
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Ontworpen in Nederland

Samen kunnen we het geschenk van privacybewustzijn geven aan vrienden, familie en zakelijke relaties.

Duurzame producten

Militaire kwaliteitsbescherming met duurzame verpakking.

Privacy zonder compromis

Spy-Fy ontwikkelt en produceert toegankelijke analoge oplossingen voor digitale privacyproblemen.

Be aware

Why Choose Spy-Fy

Elevate Your Corporate Responsibility with Exclusive Privacy Gifts

At Spy-Fy, we’re all about safeguarding digital privacy for everyone, businesses included. We offer special incentives for those interested in giving the gift of privacy to clients, colleagues, or event attendees. Our range of privacy gifts serve as a tangible extension of your brand’s commitment to digital security and corporate responsibility.

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Custom privacy products is as easy as 1, 2 ,3

Request a free sample and 3D render

Approve the design

Receive your order in 1-2 weeks

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From 0,79 / unit

Customer Webcam Cover with your logo

  • Delivery within 5 to 15 business days
  • 3 design options
  • Free design assistance
  • Includes personalized business card
  • Starting from 100 units
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USB Data Blocker bedrukken met jouw logo

  • Blokkeert ongeautoriseerde gegevensoverdrachten tijdens het opladen van je telefoon of tablet
  • Inclusief gepersonaliseerde visitekaartjes
  • Meerdere USB-opties (A-A, A-C, C-A, C-C)

Privacy kit bedrukken met jouw logo

  • Op maat gemaakte webcam cover
  • USB data blocker
  • RFID-blokkerende kaart
  • Brochure met jouw merkuitstraling

Privacy pasjeshouder bedrukken met logo

  • Ruimte voor maximaal 8 kaarten
  • Hoogwaardig Italiaans leer met een metalen behuizing
  • RFID- en NFC-blokkering, bescherming tegen skimmen van kaarten
  • Met jouw logo in het leer gedrukt

Our customers love us!

John S.

Great service

Unique products to customize

Mary U.

Happy with the service and product

I was interrested in a personal Webcam Cover. Directly I got some physical examples to test and ordered my own design. The Oval is a very nice, small and thin product with a good print. Thanks for the service.

Jack A.

Now I don’t look like a weirdo with tape on my cameras

Title says it all. I get to have a cool modern phone and feel safe about it too. Works in every way described

An example on how to professionally run a business!

Excellent customer service, fast & correct! The spyslide, USB data blocker & privacy phone case have become indispensable to me!


Customise Spy-Fy privacy products with your logo: the perfect corporate gadget.