Laptop Camera Cover: Camera Sticker or Webcam Cover?

How to cover your camera on your laptop?

Is webcam hacking a thing of the past, or does it become more relevant than ever? Many people have been asking this question to themselves and to be sure, they cover up the camera on their laptop. But what is the best way to cover the laptop camera cover? There are several ways to cover up the camera on your laptop. We discuss the most used ways below:

Cover your laptop camera with a webcam sticker

When you are looking for ways to cover up the camera on your laptop many people will use a webcam sticker. They do this by using post-its, pieces of tape, or any other creative ways. It works, as it completely blocks the view of any potential hacker, or government. Also it is thin enough so you can always close your laptop camera cover when adding a webcam sticker.

However, the BIG disadvantage is that when you want to use Skype or Facetime, you will need a new piece of tape every time to laptop camera cover. It will remain a good way to protect your online privacy.

Another type of laptop camera cover: Using a webcam cover!

Why use a webcam sticker if there are better ways to cover your laptop camera. These days several companies offer so called “webcam covers.” These are small devices designed to cover up the camera on your laptop. One crucial aspect, however, that is being overlooked by most webcam cover producers is the requirement of thickness. If the webcam cover used to cover the laptop camera is not thin enough you are not able to close your laptop. The webcam cover needs to be thinner than 0.7mm / 0.023inches to be able to close the laptop. By using our webcam cover Spyslide, you can guarantee your digital privacy, while still being able to use your laptop camera anytime, anywhere!

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