Get a Webcam Cover Slide for Guaranteed Privacy

Get a Webcam Cover Slide for Guaranteed Privacy

Does your laptop have a webcam? Of course it does and surely you use it for your video chats and conferencing. Have you gotten a webcam cover slide for that webcam?

Is there a look of surprise on your face and are you asking yourself “what the heck is a webcam cover slide?” Well, if you are, we will be glad to enlighten you.

What Is a Webcam Cover Slide?

This is a simple device that allows you cover your device’s webcam when it is not in use. Whenever you need to use the webcam, you simply slide it open to reveal the camera.

Why do I have to go through all that trouble?

Indeed, you should know why we are asking you to get a webcam cover slide for your webcam. When you know why, you are sure to realize that it is no trouble at all.

Why You Need a Webcam Cover Slide

Sometime in 2016, James Comey, former FBI director was asked if he covered his laptop’s webcam when not in use. He answered “Heck yeah, heck yeah. Also, I get mocked for a lot of things, and I am much mocked for that, but I hope people lock their cars … lock your doors at night. I have an alarm system, if you have an alarm system you should use it, I use mine.”

But why would he do that?

According to an article published on by Dylan Curran, there are a number of ways that you could be spied on via your webcam. The article titled “Are your phone camera and microphone spying on you?” gave some frightening details which will have your running for a webcam cover right now.

According to the article, your apps can spy on you, the government can spy on you and hackers can spy on you. How do they do it? One way is through your webcam.

The truth is that unless you are very tech savvy, you may not know how to prevent these intrusions. Thankfully, you do not need to be tech savvy to use a webcam cover slide. All you need to do is place it over your webcam and you are good.

Every attempt to intrude into your privacy while the cover is on will be a total waste of time. No wonder a one-time FBI Director had so much faith in it.

Now that you know what a webcam cover is and why you need one, go right ahead to get one now!

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