Everything about the iPhone 14 camera and the iPhone 14 Privacy Case (for camera protection)

Everything about the iPhone 14 camera and the iPhone 14 Privacy Case (for camera protection)

Not too long ago, Apple introduced their new iPhone 14. As we speak the new iPhone series is available everywhere. We already discussed the greatest differences between the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro Max in this article. Yet, we didn’t cover one of the most used features of the iPhone 14: the cameras.

At Spy-Fy we have put great effort into creating iPhone cases with camera covers that are suitable for the iPhone 14, something which is of increased importance. This article will explain the process and the challenges in creating the new cases. But first, we look at the new features of the cameras on the iPhone 14. 

iPhone 14 Camera

The newest iPhone 14 camera comes with a couple of upgrades when compared to the former version. There is, however, still a difference between the normal iPhone and the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) versions.

In total, Apple has used three different camera lenses:

  • Ultrawide lens: has a somewhat ‘zoom-out’ sense to it, so you can capture more;
  • Zoom lens: enables you to zoom without losing quality.
  • In relation to the iPhone 14, the first two lenses can be found on all versions. But, the zoom lens is only available in the Pro versions. 

    People that prefer the regular models can expect upgrades next year, since there seems to be a clear trend. Every year, Apple adds great new camera features to the iPhone Pro, and then the next year, it incorporates many of those features into the regular model.

    iPhone 14 pictures and videos

    The iPhone is always known for the high quality in its cameras. With the iPhone 14, this is no different. Overall, the cameras on the iPhone 14 make better pictures with more details and realistic colors.  

    There are a couple of upgrades that make the pictures you take with your iPhone 14 of even greater quality than before. For starters, the night mode on the iPhone 14 has increased significantly. It enables the user to make crisp fotos, especially when there is little light. 

    Besides the night mode, there is a big video upgrade. This comes in the form of an Action mode. It is designed to deliver smooth and steady video recordings when you’re in motion. To turn it on, you just toggle a button in the camera app, and overall it works quite well. For example, when you go running and you want to film, the wiggling will be a lot less and there will be greater focus. 

    Extras on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) Camera

    If you really want to have the best camera experience with the iPhone 14, you will have to opt for one of the iPhone 14 pro versions. 


    The iPhone 14 Pro series has more megapixels than the normal version. Actually, the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) versions get the first megapixel MP upgrade since the iPhone 6, which was launched all the way back in 2015. The iPhone 14 Pro models will have a 48MP main camera, which enables it to make videos in 8K as well as higher resolution photos. Especially when there isn’t a lot of light, the 48MP really makes the difference.

    Still, the photos that are made by the Pro versions aren’t standardly stored as 48MP. It would take up a lot of storage space for just a little bit of difference. Especially for an ordinary iPhone user, this is of little use.  

    LED flashlight and zoomlens

    The iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has two other added features, namely a LED flashlight and the usage of a zoom lens. 

    The zoom lens on the iPhone 14 Pro series is capable of three times optical zoom. Indeed, an optical zoom, which means that it has the features that are normally seen on professional cameras. Parts of the camera move which enables it to bring the things you want to capture closer to the lense. This means there is no lowering in quality. 

    The LED flashlight enables you to adjust the brightness of your photos based on the lens you will use. Since the Pro version has the extra lens as just described, this is a welcome extra feature. 

    iPhone 14 front camera

    The front camera on the iPhone 14 has also improved quite a bit, in all versions. The front camera now has a newly introduced autofocus. Formerly, the front camera had a standard focus. This could lead to an overfocus on things that you didn’t really want to capture. With the autofocus, this is not a problem anymore.

    The autofocus goes well with the various modes that can be applied, for example the Portrait Mode. It can now use 3D depth sensing, something that it was unable to do before.

    iPhone 14 Camera specifics and positioning

    The camera specifics of the iPhone 14 are as followed:

  • iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max: 
  • 12MP main lens: 26mm, ƒ/1,5 aperture;
  • 12MP ultrawide: 13mm ƒ/2.4 aperture.
  • iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max:
  • 48MP main lens: 24mm, diaphragm ƒ/1,78 aperture; 
  • 12MP ultrawide lens: 13mm, diaphragm ƒ/2.2 aperture;
  • The positioning of the cameras on the back is, as expected, in the left upper corner. The cameras are slightly thicker than the previous versions, meaning that the phone as a whole is about 11,5 millimetres thick. The Pro versions, thus, have three lenses on the back while the normal iPhone 14 versions have only two.

    Spy-Fy’s mission to protect digital privacy for all people. 

    At Spy-Fy we have been developing privacy hardware for years. Always developing and testing our products to fit the current and future needs in privacy hardware. We believe in privacy without compromise. Our goal is to create products that allow people to make use of today’s technology, without having to sacrifice their privacy. 

    With privacy, we can live freely. When individuals are privacy-aware, they become empowered to make their own informed privacy decisions, instead of allowing companies, governments and other actors to make these decisions for them. For this reason, we believe in spreading privacy awareness.

    Where we began…

    Spy-Fy began when our two co-founders Ties and Peter came together to develop ideas for products that are easy to use, understandable for non-tech people, and provide solutions for the privacy problems of today and tomorrow.  Spyslide® Webcam Cover was born. This idea of an elegant and professional-looking webcam cover started Spy-Fy, but it didn’t end there. Webcam covers provide a solution to webcam hacking, but there are numerous other privacy issues that must be addressed.

    Spy-Fy has moved forward with a range of customizable products and add-ons that allow people to use today’s technology without having to compromise on their right to privacy. Spy-Fy develops and manufactures accessible analog solutions to digital privacy problems. 

    The Original Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Case

    The Spyslide works perfectly with laptops and MacBooks, but it won’t cover the cameras you carry with you all the time; your phone. Hence, the development of a product that protects your privacy and phone at the same time. The Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Case with front and rear camera covers was born. 

    After a lot of prototyping and testing, the first product was launched: the iPhone 11 Privacy Case. This was the world’s first iPhone case with front and rear camera covers. This iPhone case simultaneously protects your iPhone from damage and prevents camera hacking. Cybercriminals want to access the cameras on your devices so that they can conduct surveillances or blackmail you. With this sleek and elegant privacy phone case, you can take back control of your digital privacy. Slide the iPhone camera cover into place and turn the lights off on any unwanted watchers.

    iphone 11 case camera covers

    iPhone 14 Privacy Case Enhanced Case Design

    Over the years we kept improving our technology and case design. With air-cushion technology and a raised edge frame your iPhone is always safe from falling or bumping. The military grade protection makes sure of this. The case is 6-foot / 2 meter drop tested and with the new iPhone 14 privacy case we have an improved case design that implemented years of customer feedback. 

    This case does not sacrifice function for its style. The premium privacy case is sleek and elegant with an optimal fit. We made sure you can always use FaceID like you normally would and with the new locking mechanism the selfie slide ‘clicks’ so it stays where it should. The rear iPhone camera cover offers scratch protection, and the flashlight is operable, even when the camera is covered! Function and style work together in this clever privacy phone case. 

    Overall, the iPhone 14 Privacy Case is our best one to date and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it. In our shop you can order your case right now!

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