iOS 13 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

iOS 13 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

With security and privacy taking center stage in the world of information technology, one of the most important factors anyone should consider when purchasing a mobile device or any kind of IT equipment that offers features with regards to ensuring the security of your information as well as your privacy. With the release of iOS 13 and amidst all the arguments for and against it, IT experts from around the world have focused more on the security and privacy features that it offers.

iOS 13 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

Apple Sign-in with IOS 13 Privacy
This is a feature that allows you to hide your email information from apps. Rather than signing in with your email address, you can now sign in with Apple. Using this option, Apple will mask your email address and only submit its own auto-generated email address which redirects to your true address. This means that Apps can no longer get this information unless you specifically give it to them.

Temporary Location Sharing Permission
Do you know how some Apps insist that you share your location before you can use the App? Well, there is a new feature in the iOS 13 that takes care of this. Rather than give an App full and constant access to your location details, you can choose to give this permission only once. This means that after that point, the App will no longer have permission to access your location.
Aside from this, you also will constantly be reminded of the Apps that have permission to access your location. With each reminder will come the option to disable this permission. This ensures that no App is secretly accessing your location information.

Increased Contact Privacy
Just as with location sharing discussed above, some Apps demand access to your contacts before you can use them. Previously, such permission also allowed them access to notes under each contact name. This is usually where you save important information like bank details and other information relating to that contact. In this new iOS, Apps that have been given permission to access contacts will no longer be able to access this additional information.

Sharing Photos without Location
You can now also share your images without having to share your location. All you need to do is disable location sharing before sharing the image.
There are a lot of privacy and security features that are offered in the new iOS 13. This shows that the brand appreciated the need to step up in this regard. You can read about these other interesting features in this new release that will help improve your privacy and security.

No more Wi-Fi Tracking
Before iOS 13 some opportunistic apps were able to identify your position without even asking for permission to do so. Instead, they’d make a note of the public Wi-Fi networks you’ve been through. This kind of app behavior is now stopped with iOS 13. There is no override option or setting; this privacy function is automatically built-in.

Bluetooth Access
Upon updating to iOS 13, you may see a series of apps requesting permission to send data via Bluetooth — data that can be used to monitor your location in certain cases, through the use of Bluetooth beacons in shops or elsewhere. If you are not happy with this privacy feature, you can always shut it off. Please remember that allowing to transfer data over Bluetooth is different from streaming audio over Bluetooth, so you won’t have any problems to connect with your headphones or other audio devices.

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