How to promote privacy awareness at your company

How to promote privacy awareness at your company

In the digital age we live in, privacy awareness has become increasingly relevant. Especially when a lack of privacy awareness can lead to vulnerabilities that may leave personal data or sensitive information at risk. For companies, encouraging privacy awareness among employees is paramount. In order to encourage privacy awareness at your organization, Spy-Fy suggests the following tips:

1. Identify your privacy awareness goals:

First, you should consider which privacy awareness goals are the most appropriate for your company. These goals are something that can change overtime, depending on what your company does and what sort of privacy issues your employees are likely to encounter. Focus on the goals that fit your current privacy needs the most.

Think about which privacy awareness goals are the most relevant for your company.

There are a lot of topics that might be relevant to your company, for example:

  • Avoiding email phishing scams
  • Safe practices for handling sensitive data
  • Understanding the effect of data protection regulations (like GDPR/CCPA)
  • Creating strong passwords/using 2 factor authentication
  • What to share and what not to share on social media
  • How to use security software
  • Protecting your identity online
  • Being privacy aware while traveling
  • How to recognize scams online
  • Being safe on your smartphone

privacy awareness goals

By taking stock of your privacy awareness goals, you can decide which goals are the most important to focus on.

2. Create a privacy awareness program:

Based on the privacy awareness goals identified for your company, consider creating a broad privacy awareness program to help ensure that these goals are met. If your company doesn’t have a privacy program yet, don’t be afraid to approach management to ask about starting one. The benefits of protecting your privacy (and the privacy of your customers) is great motivation for implementing privacy programs! Everybody wins when privacy issues are avoided. You don’t want your company to be one of those companies that are always in the news for privacy related scandals that could have been easily prevented or avoided. Taking a proactive approach to privacy will benefit your company in the long run.

privacy awareness program

Organizing privacy related trainings can help your company to handle privacy issues that emerge as technology continues to evolve.

3. Organize privacy awareness trainings:

Once you have some goals in mind, and a privacy program in place, consider organizing trainings for your employees. There are a lot of online trainings available on all sorts of privacy related topics, or, maybe there is someone inside your company who can share their knowledge. These trainings present the opportunity to discuss privacy issues at your company, and assuage any doubts that employees may have in how to handle these situations. Even if someone is already privacy aware, having a privacy program and trainings shows your stakeholders, both internal and external, that your company values privacy awareness and will encourage your employees to be mindful in their privacy practices.

4. Give the gift of privacy awareness:

One way to show your employees that you care about their privacy awareness is by giving them a privacy awareness related gift. By giving a privacy gadget that employees can use, they can see privacy awareness solutions in practice every day.

At Spy-Fy, we believe that privacy tools are one way to help others understand the importance of privacy awareness. Simple privacy gadgets like a webcam cover provide a tangible solution to a privacy problem that may seem difficult to combat. When you use a webcam cover, you can easily stop webcam hackers from peeking through your webcam. Spy-Fy has a number of customizable privacy gadgets that can help:

Privacy Kit

Spy-Fy’s Custom Privacy Kit contains three handy privacy gadgets for a comprehensive approach to encouraging privacy awareness. Each item in the kit represents a tangible/analogue solution to a privacy problem.

  • Webcam Cover: With this handy webcam slider, you have control over what you want to share. A practical and elegant solution against webcam espionage.
  • USB Data Blocker: This USB connector blocks unauthorized data transfer. Charge your phone and tablet safely while using public charging stations.
  • RFID Blocking Card: This gadget protects you from card skimming! Protect all your cards against wireless theft and manipulation.

In addition to their practical function, each item in the luxury kit can help demonstrate a different privacy message.

For example:

  • The Webcam Cover can be used to remind your employees to protect their identity (and the identity of your customers).
  • The USB Data Blocker can help employees at your company be more mindful when handling personal data on their mobile devices.
  • The RFID Blocking Card fits right into your employees’ wallets – this can help remind them to be more privacy aware both in and out of the office. Keep your company credit card safe from card skimming.

JuiceBack Data Blocking Cable

Working in the digital age means using a smartphone. When you plug in your smartphone to charge at a hotel or airport’s public USB charging station, hackers can try to compromise your personal data through your charging cable. This is called juice jacking. The JuiceBack Data Blocking Cable allows for safe charging at public USB ports and charging stations because it doesn’t allow data to be transferred from your device while it charges.

The JuiceBack is a privacy awareness gift that could represent a variety of privacy awareness messages. For example:

  • Mindful privacy practices when using mobile devices
  • Safe data handling strategies
  • Privacy awareness while traveling

A gift like the Privacy Kit  or JuiceBack makes for a practical tool for your company’s privacy program, a great gift at company events, or as a thank you for employees.

Why should you customize your privacy awareness gifts?

Adding your company’s logo/colors to a privacy gadget has a number of benefits for your company.

  1. Personalized privacy gifts have a dual function: promoting your brand and privacy awareness
  2. Personalized privacy gifts make for great giveaways at corporate events
  3. Personalized privacy gifts will show your stakeholders that your company values privacy awareness
  4. Personalized privacy gifts look super cool 😉

At Spy-Fy, we value your digital privacy. 

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